White Marble Greek Figure Statue Columns Front Porch Columns for Sale

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Place of Origin: China

Model Number: FMF-206

Size :customized size

Material: natural Marble

Package: Strong Wooden Case

Service: Customize Acceptable

Payment: T/T, Western Union

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The pillars on the top of the pillars are relatively slender and light with exquisite carvings, giving people a relaxed, lively, free and beautiful femininity. The upper part is thin and the lower part is thick, and the pillar body has deep grooves and is semicircular. The stigma consists of a decorative strip and two connected large circular scrolls on it. It has scroll-shaped decorative patterns on all four sides, and is surrounded by two rows of grapes and leaf ornaments. It is especially delicate and well-proportioned, making it very gorgeous and delicate. There is a little angel head in the middle of the stigma, and a beautiful young girl is carved in the middle of the pillar. The thick long hair is covered with grape decoration. Looking down from the side, her gentle personality, beautiful plump body and full of flexibility The muscles of the girl are shaped vividly and vividly. They are graceful and moving under the background of the pattern. They hold grapes in both hands, and the girl is engraved with grapes and a lion.

This exquisite hand-carved light white marble front column is decorated with exquisite statues and statues. The design is pleasant, the specially designed capital and the special style base can provide you with the beauty and figure you need. These marble columns are very beautifully carved and very decorative. It is carefully carved by our marble workers who have many years of carving experience.

For complex carving process, this requires very high carving skills of marble workers. They need to be very careful to hand-carve figures and other accessories on the white marble front pillar of the house, and pay attention to every detail of the carving. Your fine art sculptures can guarantee that the marbles we use are all carefully selected high-quality raw materials.

These impressive statue columns are decorated. For wind or seismic engineering purposes, the pillars are designed to withstand lateral forces. Under the same stress conditions, other compression members are usually called "pillars". Columns are usually used to support beams or arches on walls or ceilings.

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