White marble flower pot with boys design

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Place of Origin: China

Model Number: FMB-201

Size :customized size

Material: natural Marble

Package: Strong Wooden Case

Service: Customize Acceptable

Payment: T/T, Western Union

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In the statue, three children are vividly depicted. The children hold the garland-shaped ornaments woven with roses in both hands. It is also a traditional decoration commonly seen in architecture, especially in carvings. This kind of decoration is a series of flowers, leaves or fruits suspended by ribbons. It often appears with bay leaf ornaments and rose ornaments. The children have fleshy faces, staring upwards, passionate lips and fat bodies. Make the whole flowerpot full of high-end feeling. The bottom of the flowerpot is engraved with some tightly wound ribbons to form a rope-like twist, and some loosely twisted gussets form a circular or oval shielding pattern between the intersections of the gussets.

The luxurious white marble angel boy flower pots (a pair) are exquisite hand-carved statues, and the white leaf scrolls are all made of high-quality light white marble. Naturally mined marbles are all hand-carved

The rose in the statue is closely related to Aphrodite (Venus), the god of beauty and love in ancient Greek mythology. Legend has it that the thorn of the rose pierced Aphrodite's finger and her blood. Roses are dyed bright red, so roses have become a symbol of love and beauty.

The rose represents loyalty, holiness, beauty and love. It is one of the most popular themes in artistic creation. It often appears in portraits, still lifes, illustrations and other works, or as a decorative element widely used in artistic interior design, furniture, fabrics, etc. Ceramics, gold and silverware and jewelry design.

It is a decorative pattern evolved from the shape of a rose. Because of its rich variety, it is widely used.

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