Stone Roman mythology character famous marble Diana goddess of hunt statue for sale

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Place of Origin: China

Model Number: FMA – 259

Size : customized or H:100CM-200CM

Material: Marble

Package: Strong Wooden Case

Service: Customize Acceptable

Payment: T/T, Western Union

Exw Factory : USD1199.0 – 3999.0/ 1 pc

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Diana, the goddess of the moon and the oak tree in Roman mythology, is also called Artemis in Greek mythology. One of the twelve gods of Olympus, the moon and hunting goddess, is also a pure and beautiful goddess, and is listed as the three goddesses of Olympus alongside Athena and Hestia. She was allowed at a young age. Never marry forever, so always keep sassy and vigorous and youthful

In Roman mythology, Diana is the daughter of Jupiter, the king of all gods, and Latona, the goddess of the night, and the twin sister of Apollo. According to legend, after Apollo was born, he took out a slender hand with a soft silver-gray light. , A graceful body was born, her whole body was bathed in the holy and beautiful light of the moon, her eyebrows were embedded with a dazzling moon, and she was holding a gleaming silver bow. This goddess was Diana.

Diana herself is a goddess of mountains and forests in the Nemi region of Italy. She is not only the protector of forests and animals, but also the goddess of plants and livestock in the Roman countryside, and the goddess of the countryside. Because of Diana’s own mountain and forest attributes and the influence of Artemis in the later period, Diana was later regarded as a hunting god, holding a bow and arrow, wearing a sleeveless tunic dress made of animal skins, and walked around in the presence of fairy attendants. Hunt in the jungle. At the same time, Diana is the protector of health and life, just like her brother Apollo.

Diana is noble and beautiful, and she is the best among the many goddesses on Mount Olympus. Her figure is graceful, her legs are slender, and her waist is slender; her skin is fair and smooth, and her body is shining with the holy light of the moon; her eyebrows are embedded with a dazzling moon, tilted 30°; her brown curly hair hangs down to her waist She has the most beautiful eyes among all the goddesses, as clear and agile as the moon, and the color is a deep and quiet dark blue; her eyelashes are thick, and her long eyelashes make her beautiful eyes appear complicated and confusing; hers The lips are small and red, and the corners of the mouth carry a trace of the dignity and majesty inherited from his brother Apollo. Her appearance represents all the noble beauty of the moon.

She held a bow in her right hand and an arrow in her left. Her bow and arrows were shining with dazzling silver light, and Apollo also had a bow and arrow with golden light. Diana's attire is grand and elegant, showing the majesty of the moon and the goddess of hunting.

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