Outdoor Life Size Egyptian Garden Decoration Stone Sphinx Statue

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Place of Origin: China
Model Number: FMI-222
Size :customized size
Material: natural Marble
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Service: Customize Acceptable
Payment: T/T, Western Union

Exw Factory : USD2999.0 – 3999.0/1 pair

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The legendary story of the Sphinx
In ancient mythology, the Sphinx is like a monster born of giants and monsters: a human head, a lion's body, with wings, and its name is Sphinx. Sphinx is cruel by nature. He has learned many riddles from the Muse, the goddess of wisdom, and often stands at the intersection. If every pedestrian wants to pass, he must guess a riddle. If he guesses wrong, he will eat them all. There are countless people who suffer.
Once, a king’s son was eaten by a sphinx. The king was very angry and issued a reward: “Whoever can subdue him will give him the throne!” The brave young Dipus, before the king’s call Take revenge. He walked and walked to the intersection guarded by the Sphinx.
"Young man, let the riddle be passed." Sphinx took out one of the hardest and most difficult for him to guess. "It makes a sound, walking on four legs in the morning, walking on two legs at noon, but walking on three legs at night, what is this?" "This is a human."
The clever Dips quickly guessed it. Dipus won, and he uncovered the answer; but Sphinx refused to admit defeat, and gave Dipus another riddle: "What grows first, then becomes shorter, and finally becomes longer?" Dipus guessed Out of the mystery "shadow". So the Sphinx was completely exposed and committed suicide to redeem his sins.

We can place them in the living room, garden and any other place you want. Whether you are a friend or yourself, you will feel surrounded by art when you step into the house.

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