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  • The value of stainless steel sculpture in public art

    From the development process, public art is produced and developed on the basis of the continuous development of human society, economy and politics. With the changes of the current social environment and cultural background, the scope of public art has also undergone some changes. As far as stai...
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  • What kind of urban sculpture do we need?

    As a work of art in urban public places, large-scale urban sculpture is an element of urban environment, a concentrated reflection of urban cultural taste, and an important symbol of urban spirit. With the continuous improvement of people’s understanding and demand for urban culture and pub...
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  • Types and forms of sculpture

    Sculpture is generally divided into two forms: sculpture and relief. 1. Sculpture The so-called round sculpture refers to the three-dimensional sculpture that can be appreciated in many directions and angles. There are also various techniques and forms, including realistic and decorative ones, co...
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