What kind of urban sculpture do we need?

As a work of art in urban public places, large-scale urban sculpture is an element of urban environment, a concentrated reflection of urban cultural taste, and an important symbol of urban spirit. With the continuous improvement of people’s understanding and demand for urban culture and public art, a number of excellent urban sculpture works with rich cultural heritage have been built in various places, which have played a good role in creating a public environment, improving cultural taste, and shaping distinctive features. But at the same time, there are some problems in some urban sculptures, such as too large scale, low quality, unsuitable theme and uncoordinated with the surrounding environment. In particular, there are some deviations in the understanding and understanding of carrying forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture in some places.

In recent years, the aesthetic problem of urban sculpture has been a topic of concern to the media and the public. For urban sculpture, should we look at it from the perspective of pure art, or should we pay more attention to its historical tradition, social influence and people’s cultural psychology? In particular, some problems in the current urban cultural construction need more thinking.

In this notice, the current problems of urban sculpture highlighted tell us that the layout of urban sculpture works in urban living space is not the individual aesthetic behavior and artistic interest of a sculpture artist, nor the cultural or other behavior of a social organization. Instead, we should consider the impact of this cultural behavior on the urban living environment and cultural environment, and give the social benefit The audience in the psychological, moral, aesthetic, emotional impact.

This also makes the author think of the way some western countries treat sculpture art. The sculpture works placed in the general public space are mainly aestheticism. We should pay attention to the aesthetic taste of sculpture, and consider whether such works of art are welcomed by the urban public, and whether they have reached a coordinated style with the urban public environment space.

We generally regard urban sculpture as “public art”, “landscape sculpture” and “environmental sculpture” of modern cities. This tells us that urban sculpture appears in our public living space as “landscape” and “art”. Its important aesthetic function is to reflect the civilization of the city and the artistic atmosphere of the city. It also enables people to find the beauty in the city, feel the influence of art, bring people the enjoyment of beauty, and convey its inherent true and pure thought, which is in line with the most thorough, core and true humanistic spirit of human beings.

Nowadays, the construction of urban culture in some places develops very fast, but the mentality of eager for quick success and instant benefit leads to the “urban disease” in the construction of urban culture. This is reflected in the creation of urban sculpture. There are some vulgar, vulgar, garbage like things, which not only damage our urban cultural construction, but also damage the value and role of urban sculpture culture.

In essence, the establishment of urban sculpture should take the historical and cultural resources of a city as the objective production object, take the creation of aesthetic function as the main body, and embody the value pursuit of human aesthetic survival and comprehensive development through cultural creativity, art design, landscape creation and other practical ways.

The sculpture of a city must have a creative foundation, which is the historical and traditional cultural accumulation of the city. The accumulation of these cultural spirits has sown the seeds of creativity of our urban sculpture. Our urban sculpture culture cannot leave such a foundation. The creation and development of our urban culture and civilization are inseparable from such cultural creativity, art design and landscape creation

In this notice, it is specifically pointed out that sculpture is a work of art in urban public places, an element of urban environment, a concentrated reflection of urban cultural taste, and an important symbol of urban spirit. This puts forward the standpoint, values, creation and aesthetic principles for us to create urban sculpture. With such a healthy and aesthetic principle, it is possible for us to create urban public sculpture works with harmonious aesthetic feeling.

We know that sculpture architecture is the materialization of the common soul and spirit of a city. It must be built in the historical and traditional culture of the city. In the construction of urban culture, we must abandon the purpose of utilitarianism and stick to the ideological, public and artistic value of urban sculpture. In this way, in our city, more and more creative sculpture buildings that pursue humanistic spirit will emerge..

Post time: Jan-23-2021