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Place of Origin: China

Model Number: FMD-203

Size :customized size

Material: natural Marble

Package: Strong Wooden Case

ervice: Customize Acceptable

Payment: T/T, Western Union

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The fountain was originally used for sacrificial, prayer and commemorative activities. The combination of the two made the fountain an important part of European architectural history. It can be said that no matter ancient or modern, fountains are a representative of public life in Europe and a symbol of urban public space.


The Greeks and Romans used water pipes to transport water to various places in the city, but they also used gravity drainage. Therefore, the original fountain is actually provided for free.

In the Middle Ages, public water supply systems almost ceased to exist. Most public fountains in Europe have been abandoned and only appear in literary works or private gardens. Since then, it has symbolized the source of life, innocence, wisdom and the Garden of Eden.

During the Renaissance, Europe began to rebuild fountains into public buildings, mainly sculptures and ornaments. At present, the large number of beautiful fountains on the streets of Rome are mainly from the early days of the Tenth Industrial Revolution. The fast-growing large cities have also built fountains to increase the water population. After the water supply system gradually matured, the water supply function of the fountain weakened.

The main purpose of modern fountains is to provide decoration in public places and occasionally cool the ground.


This fountain is a three-layered fountain. At the top of the fountain stands a cute boy. He is wearing ancient Roman costumes with fruit on his head and grapes in his other hand, staring into the distance. The pattern under the boy is vines. The pattern is based on the rhythmic linear rolling and the interlaced branches and leaves, and the surface decoration of the tendril curve pattern. The busts of four horses were carved under the first flowerpot, and the horses’ hoofs fell into the sky. The head of a lion was carved around the flowerpot in the middle. The lion’s mouth opened and sprayed water. Four beautiful flowers were sitting under the flowerpot. Girls, they are girls of the Four Seasons, with their legs up. Holding things in his hands.


We have been committed to the production of outdoor layered marble water horse fountains for many years, so we can produce a variety of marble water fountains to meet your requirements. Therefore, please feel free to contact us for the price!

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