Ideal Arts good quality life size greek roman marble angel statue

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Place of Origin: China

Model Number: FMA – 261

Size : customized or H:60CM-200CM

Material: Marble

Package: Strong Wooden Case

Service: Customize Acceptable

Payment: T/T, Western Union

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The classic life-size marble figure garden statues are carved with high-quality marble materials. This is a series of statues made by our factory for a resort area. Our factory is very strict in the selection of materials, and all figure statues must be made of high-quality Grade-A materials. Therefore, whether it is placed outdoors or indoors, it can be stored for hundreds of years.

We also have various statue designs. Including differences in size, material and design. Of course, we also accept custom sizes and designs. If you have any design requirements, you can always communicate with our professionals, we can help you realize it. As shown below.

Pictured below is a life-size marble statue


All the fine patterns on the figurines are hand-carved by our professional engravers. Our artists pay great attention to the details of the engraving, striving for the ultimate perfection. Therefore, the statues and decorations are very three-dimensional and lifelike. Our statues are flawless from any angle.

The picture below is a 60cm marble statue


Our factory is located in the north of Beijing, Quyang County, Hebei Province, the beautiful hometown of sculptures. As everyone knows, Quyang carving experience has a history of thousands of years since the Western Han Dynasty. The carving experience of our masters is inherited from our parents, and their carving experience is very rich. Therefore, they have a good grasp of the carving details of the characters, and the facial expressions of the characters are carved very vividly.

ln our gallery, Ideal Arts has thousands of life-size marble garden statue designs to choose from. For example, various classic ancient Greek and Roman marble statues, Venus statues, Four Seasons statues, Apollo statues, David statues, and so on. There are other marble statues, Caesar the Great, thinker statues, marble angel statues and so on. Various sizes and marble materials can be selected according to your requirements.



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