High quality home decoration stone eagle head statue real falcon marble eagle sculpture animal bird bust statue vintage art

Short Description:

Place of Origin: China Model

Number: FMI-226

Size :customized size

Material: natural Marble

Package: Strong Wooden

Case Service: Customize

Acceptable Payment: T/T, Western Union

Exw Factory : USD399.0 – 1999.0/1 pc

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The eagle is the most powerful bird on earth. And its speed, power, and wisdom are extraordinary. It is precisely because of these characteristics that the eagle is most favored by powerful leaders in history. Therefore, Zeus is no exception. In other records, the eagle was actually created by Goddess Gaia in ancient times. At the beginning of the battle of the Titans, he appeared before Zeus. Zeus thought this was a good sign of victory, so he used the emblem of the golden eagle on his battle flag. This eagle was later sent by Zeus to take the handsome young Ganymede to heaven and become a drinker of the gods.

We would use high-quality natural marble materials to make all sculptures to ensure that the sculptures are natural and realistic.

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