Delicate Garden Decoration Marble Flower Pots with Human for Sale

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Place of Origin: China

Model Number: FMB-211

Size :customized size

Material: natural Marble

Package: Strong Wooden Case

Service: Customize Acceptable

Payment: T/T, Western Union

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A woman and a man are carved on both sides of a pair of flower pots, and two cute little angels are carved on both sides of the middle. The woman has a beautiful face, sharp eyes, a straight nose, delicate lips, thick hair, and grape leaves and grapes on her head. A man has a straight nose, closed lips, a thick beard, and leaves and grapes on his head. In the middle of the basin are carved two little angels with wings, fleshy faces and slightly opened lips. The two little angels looked at each other as if they were whispering. The upper part of the little angel is carved with vines and grapes. The upper part of the flowerpot is decorated with alternating lines of oval and flying traces, and the bottom of the flowerpot is also carved. Carved oak leaves are tall and sturdy. They have a pivotal position in many European cultures and are endowed with very rich cultural connotations. Oak trees are usually a symbol of strength and strength and life. They appear in various ancient myths. Very sacred status.

There are irregular geometric patterns on the bottom of the flowerpots, some are tightly wound ribbons to form rope twists, and some are loosely twisted gussets, and the spacing between these gussets forms a circular or oval shield shape. Delicate rose wreath.

Exquisite garden decoration and artificial marble flower pots. This is the latest marble flowerpot completed by our factory. We use high-quality marble materials to ensure the perfect quality of marble flower pots. If you are interested, please stop and consult at any time.

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