Bust of Apollo in Pure White Marble for Sale

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Place of Origin: China

Model Number: FMH-203

Size : H:80 cm

Material: natural Marble

Package: Strong Wooden Case

Service: Customize Acceptable

Payment: T/T, Western Union

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Apollo is the god of light, prophecy, music and medicine in ancient Greek mythology, the god of disaster relief, and the protector of human civilization, migration and sailors. Still the son of Zeus and Leto.

Apollo is also known as Forbos Apollo, and Forbos means "bright" or "brilliant." Apollo is the most handsome of all male gods. He is happy, intelligent, and has a sunny temperament. He is the object of praise by many artists in poetry and painting.

Apollo is often said to be the sun god by modern people, but in fact, in the 5th century BC, he had already merged the sun god believed in by Helios and other Greek indigenous civilizations. In the late period of ancient Greek mythology, Apollo already had the attributes of the sun god.

Apollo is regarded as the god of literature and art, in charge of light, sun, medicine, animal husbandry, music, etc., and is the protector of mankind, the god of light, the god of prophecy, the protector of migration and sailors, the god of healing, and disaster relief The God of Difficulties. In Homer’s epic, Zeus, Athena, and Apollo are described as a certain unity in the Olympus mythology, although Apollo’s arrival at Olympus scared the gods, and Apollo’s deterrence and Majestic, and fit with his elegance and beauty. He is a symbol of male beauty in ancient Greek art. His nine-headed figure and super talent have made him popular with many goddesses.

Apollo is an energetic and full-blooded young man. His appearance is dignified and majestic. He is handsome, with long hair that radiates fragrance and slightly floats on his shoulders. On his head, he wears a crown woven with branches and leaves of laurel, Eros, olive or water lily. The god of light usually wears luxurious clothes, heads up to the blue sky, and sings with a lyre. He sometimes carries his silver bows and quiver, sometimes with a golden sword.

This statue depicts Apollo as a handsome young man. His brilliant eyes showed confidence in victory. He stared at the distant sky. The straight nose and full face symbolize eternal youth. Keep quiet and solemn. The whole sculpture is realistic

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